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  1. General 

    1. Overview of Athlete Dashboard
    2. What kind of results can I expect?
    3. About Me: How it Works
    4. If I am not seeing the results I expect what should I do?
    5. What is a Sports Dietitian? What can they do to help me?
  2. Nutritional Assessment 

    1. Purpose of Nutritional Assessment
    2. How it Works: Nutritional Assessment
    3. How often do I need to complete a nutritional assessment?
    4. I received a few bad grades after completing my profile assessment. Does this mean that I've failed?
    5. Who is issuing me the grades I see in my profile assessment?
  3. Communication 

    1. How is a Nutrition Monitor added?
    2. How many Nutrition Monitors am I allowed to have? Who do I choose?
  4. Hall of Champions 

    1. Purpose of Hall of Champions
    2. How it Works: Hall of Champions
    3. What types of accomplishments would qualify me to be in the "Hall of Champions"?
    4. How often is a new champion announced?
  5. Trackers-Body Measurements 

    1. Purpose of Body Measurements
    2. How it Works: Body Measurements Tracker
    3. When and how should I weigh myself?
    4. I don't want to post my body weight. Can I still log my wellness entries?
    5. Do I have to utilize My Trackers on a daily basis or is an entry once per week sufficient?
  6. Trackers-Food 

    1. Is there a phone app to help with this?
    2. Will others be able to the see pictures I upload?
    3. What happens if I do not meet my exact calorie goal for each specific meal or snack I upload?
    4. Is it possible for me to lose points if I forget to submit a meal/snack?
    5. Will I be able to upload more than one picture of my food/drink items?
  7. Trackers-Performance 

    1. Overview: Performance Trackers
    2. How it Works: Performance Trackers
    3. Are these performance measures all max reps?
    4. Will I be able to update my performance measurements more than once per week to gain more points?
    5. If I did not beat my performance entry from last week, do I have to still upload a measurement?
  8. Calculators 

    1. Purpose: Calculators
    2. How it Works: Calculators
    3. How do the "Calculators" figure out my needs?
    4. How accurate are calculators?
    5. Do I have to use the numbers generated from these calculators or can I input my own data?
  9. What I Like and Plan to Eat 

    1. Overview of What I Like and Plan to Eat
    2. How it Works: What I Like and Plan to Eat
    3. How do I use this section and how do I score points?
    4. How often do I need to update my selections?
    5. Why am I telling you "What I plant to eat" in the future?
  10. My Schedule 

    1. Overview of My Schedule
    2. Should I update my schedule each semester with new classes?
    3. Who is looking at my schedule?
    4. Why is it important to know my schedule?
    5. Can I add an activity that is not listed?
  11. Sports Nutrition: My Transcript  

    1. Overview of Sports Nutrition: My Transcript
    2. How it Works: Sports Nutrition My Transcript
    3. How do I score Points after I Purchase an Item?
    4. How often can I take a quiz?
    5. Who teaches the online courses?
  12. Nutrition Monitor Resources 

    1. Nutrition Monitor Athlete Account Activity
  13. Site Admin Resources 

    1. Site Admin Athlete Account Activity
    2. How a Nutrition Monitor is Selected and Assigned
  14. Sports Dietitian Resources 

    1. Sports Dietitian Athlete Account Activity
  15. All articles 

    1. Overview of Athlete Dashboard
    2. How is a Nutrition Monitor added?
    3. Is there a phone app to help with this?
    4. Purpose of Body Measurements
    5. Overview: Performance Trackers
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